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What is Pay Per Lead?

A lead is a phone call or form request from a customer looking for your service.

Using a range of channels such as Google Adwords, SEO and FB we generate phone calls from customers looking for your service. 

Instead paying thousands of dollars for ‘advertising’ you only pay for the qualified calls (leads) you receive. 

Sick of paying for Advertising that does not work?

Only Charged for Qualified Leads

If you get a lead from any marketing company or time wasters you don’t pay.
Our systems do filter out most the spam but should one slip through you don’t pay, simple as that. 

You only pay for leads that need your service in your service area. 

Exclusive to you, No Lead sharing

Home Advisor and other sites make a killing by selling leads to different companies. This causes price wars and low conversion rates. They do this to maximise their own profits at the expense of business owners.

Every lead your custom Lead Generation System produces is exclusively yours. We never send them to anyone else. You own that lead 100%.

Leads to your Phone... Real-time

It is important to get the lead right away the moment a potential customer searches for your service.

Your Lead System alerts via phone call, sms and email the minute a lead reaches out to you. 

How It Works

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We build a marketing system and use our skills to get the right kind of qualified traffic for your business service and area…
Free of charge. 



Home owners and other interested customers reach out to get a quote or request a service right away. You get the calls and leads directly. 

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You pay only for the leads that are qualified and looking for your service. No more paying for marketing that does not work.

Why paying for leads beats other marketing

More customers with less risk

Traditional advertising like playing the slot machine in a casino.

You put your money in and pull the lever and hope it gives you more money than you put in.

In the case of advertising you pay for an advert or promotion and you hope it results in phone calls and emails for quote requests.

We think it should be different…

Our system is not like advertising or marketing. 

You only pay a small amount per lead for real calls and quote requests. 

No gambling with your money like other advertising methods. 

If we don’t give you quote requests, you don’t pay. All the risk is on us, not you. 

Samples of quote requests

Example: Artificial Turf. Entries from 2 weeks during March 2019.

These are customers that either called or filled in the online form on our website to get a artificial turf quote. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Zero risk – No Contracts – No Commission

If there are no leads you don’t pay. Unlike traditional advertising which you pay regardless of the results. There is no risk for you as the business owner. Try it out for 1 month

The pricing is super simple…

You pay only for real quote requests (leads).

You buy batches of leads for example 10 or 20 or more. 

Simple as that…

The price per lead is dependant on your business category and the area. Leads can be as low as $15 for some niches although the average is $25 – $75. 

One thing for sure is that you will get a high ROI.

We will make sure you at least double your money!

The catch is that we do not work with every business owner who inquires.

We qualify the business owners who want to work with us.

If we do not believe we can give you a good ROI or if we think your business is not setup to handle more volume then we reserve the right to decline. 

If your business is setup to grow and you are serious about taking on more volume we can help you achieve that. 

No, this is not a marketing service.

Marketing and advertising is expensive and a huge risk

Actually, there is never a guarantee advertising or marketing will work.

Then what do we do?

We cut out all the risk…

You get a constant stream of potential customers

You only pay a small monthly amount per lead, no commissions

You only pay for results, if we don’t supply you with quote requests… you don’t pay

Anybody who inquires and asks for a quote is considered a lead. 

They could inquire via a phone call or a contact form. 

It is your responsibility to convert the inquiry into a paying customer. Our job is to provide the lead, we cannot control whether or not the lead converts into a customer at your end.

Generally, between 10-30% of leads convert into customers.

We use a combination of techniques to find people that are looking for quotes. We combine the following main sources together: AdWords, Google Maps, Facebook and more.

We have experience throughout the USA (United States of America). Talk to us to get references from our clients in Colorado, Texas and California. 

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